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Are you a management company looking to increase your portfolio on your rental properties?

We strive to help our clients realize potential in their portfolios by utilizing our platform. To turn the key to true passive income from essential services.

We offer a full real estate concierge service that allows your management company to generate additional income. Every time you rent a property. Through our platform you can offer essential services that your new tenants are going to order anyway. Services like electricity, natural gas, home security, cable TV and Internet. Your management company will make a Commission for every customer and up to 20% monthly. Recurring income on your customers bills.

Examples on rental property based on gas bills only. A 500 unit apartment complex that will switch their tenants’ gas accounts.The upfront Commission for your management company will be $33,500 and recurring income for those 500 units at $50 a month. Bill will be $25,000 generator revenue at 20% your management company will be paid $5,000 a month.

If you feel that this will be a fit for your management company, set up a free consultation and one of our specialists will get back to you.

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    We are an authorized reseller of the following services!


    Bundles Available






    Get The Right Gas And Electric Plan For You!

    • Competitive Electricity and Natural Gas Rates
    • Get Unlimited Energy or Natural Gas for One Low Monthly Price
    • Choose an Energy Plan That Suits Your Home
    • ​World Class Customer Service 24/7


    We Offer The Best And Smartest Home Security and Automation Provider In The Industry

    • Security & Surveillance Wireless: Home security & 24/7 continuous video monitoring
    • Smart Home Control: Receive notifications and control from your home system anywhere
    • 24/7 Monitoring: Smart home specialists are always there to respond to an emergency

    Wireless/ Mobile Phones

    Market the Top 3 Cell Phone Providers In The Country


    • The nations’s fastest wireless network
    • Bring your own device or finance the latest devices
    • ​Chose from unlimited data and mobile share plans, plus multiline savings


    • America’s largest most reliable network 4G LTE
    • Bring your own device or finance the latest devices through Best Buy


    • Nationwide Sprint 4G Lite Network
    • Bring your own device or finance the latest devices through Best Buy


    Protecting You Clients Transaction From Identity Fraud

    • It’s fast and easy to get your family protected.
    • IDSeal monitors your personal info and alerts you to a wide range of threats
    • If your identity becomes compromised, specialists will help to resolve any issues you may have with identity theft
    • Included in all IDSeal plans is identity theft insurance which provides reimbursement for up to $1 Million with a $0 deductible for expenses associated with recovery
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